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Video: Raymond Ibrahim on America Can We Talk?

Earlier today I appeared on America Can We Talk, with Debbie Georgatos.  We discussed many topics in the live, one hour long interview below:

Thanks Raymond, finally got to finish watching. Have a good friend in Sweden who blogs and was talking about the riots. Learned, I think from, him that there were approx 100 explosions in Sweden in the last two years. police cars riddled with bullets, a police precinct had to change its location for “safety”.

The police in the recent riots over the burning had to retreat from the crowds, surrender basically.
When given the chance to go to Sweden – some Ukrainian refugees refused, having heard of the migrant problems Sweden is having.

I’ve now put Sword Over the Nile among my steady reads. I read two or three books at a time and usually get to them a couple of times a week or more.

Sword is a remarkable scholarly work that reads easily, and is a fascinating story, well sourced and thorough right from the beginning.
Thanks again Raymond – for s much education on this topic.

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